Dylan M.

Alumnus at The University of Tampa

Class of 2020

Current: Holbrook, NY

Major: Allied Health

Concentration: Physical Therapy

Minor: Psychology

I chose Tampa because...

I chose tampa because of the location and the numerous opportunities provided by the community. I also told myself when I was younger that I wanted palm trees around me when I went to college, so it definitely fit that requirement.

My favorite spots in Tampa are...

One of my favorite spots around Tampa would have to be Hyde Park. I love getting a group of my friends to head over there and just walk around the little village. I also love to lay in my hammock and listen to music in Plant Park

Favorite Tampa class/professor...

My favorite class at UT would have to be Dance Anatomy and Kinesiology because it blends my love for dance and my interest in the human body together.

A few of my life goals are...

I would love to become a Physical Therapist for a dance company and get to travel with them during tours.

I'm passionate about...

Traveling Dance

I'm involved with...

Orientation Leader Student Physical and Occupational Therapy Society Dance Happenings/Concerts Spartan Scarlets Dance Team
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