Michelle M.

Tour Guide at The University of Tampa

Class of 2020

Hometown: Waipahu (Island of O’ahu), HI

Major: Psychology

Secondary Major: Sociology

Minor: Leadership Studies and Law, Justice, & Advocacy

I chose Tampa because...

My financial aid package was the best from the University of Tampa, my favorite WWE wrestler John Cena resides in Tampa, and it is a comparable environment to my island.

A few of my life goals are...

1) To help create a better society for all of humanity by developing diversity and inclusion with communities I work within 2) To develop a mentorship program for underprivileged youth and/or college students to allow for educational growth among these specific populations 3) To understand all that I can through my years of learning and use it to give back to the communities I lived within specifically my hometown of Hawaii

My favorite spots in Tampa are...

- Curtis Hixon Park and Riverwalk - Hyde Park and South Howard - Fresh Kitchen & Daily Eats - Of course, Downtown Tampa

Favorite Tampa class/professor...

Maggie Cobb (Social Stratification and Sociology of Pop Culture) and Amanda Firestone (Mass Media and Society). They are phenomenal professors who provide a foundation for application of the knowledge they teach to be used in the real world. Most importantly they do it in unique and interesting ways that make learning meaningful for students.

I'm passionate about...

Mentoring/Mentorship Volunteering/Service Social Justice Advocacy Event Programming Diversity and inclusion

I'm involved with...

President’s Leadership Fellows Black Students Union Orientation Leader Success Scholars Program First-Year Seminar Peer Mentor UT Diplomats Dean of Students Diversity Advisory Group Delta Sigma Theta Sorority Inc. Residence Hall Association
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