Simran D.

Tour Guide at The University of Tampa

Class of 2021

Hometown: , Kenya

Major: Biology

Concentration: Pharmacy

Minor: Chemistry

A few of my life goals are...

I would like to end up in the corporate side of pharmacy and also research in a specific area of medication.

My favorite spots in Tampa are...

My favorite spot in Tampa is Davis Island and The Week Wachee Springs where you can kayak down the stream.

I chose Tampa because...

I chose Tampa because the environment for studying was perfect for me and I knew that that I would love it because of how interactive it is even though the school/city is small.

Favorite Tampa class/professor...

My favorite class in Tampa was an elective, Oral Communication the content of the class along with the Professor really taught me a lot about public speaking and how to approach situations. It also built up on my social skills as we did a lot of debating in the class.

I'm passionate about...

Track and Field Club Field Hockey Sports

I'm involved with...

Teaching Assistant
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