Ashley C.

Tour Guide at The University of Tampa


Class of 2023

Hometown: Tallahassee, FL

Major: Musical Theatre

Concentration: Political Economy

Secondary Major: International Studies

My favorite spots in Tampa are...

I enjoy spending time in Plant Park (especially Hammocking by the Hillsborough), spending time at Awful Waffles, looking for Mr. C's Grilled Cheese food truck, and spending some free time at Busch Gardens with my friends.

A few of my life goals are...

There are two different paths that I am currently going back and forth between, as to specifically defining what my career goals would be. I would love to move to Europe and pursue musical theatre abroad (specifically in German-speaking countries), as this would combine both my love for language and performing and allow me to perform in a part of the world that I loved living in as an exchange student in high school. I am also, however, very seriously considering pursuing a career as a Foreign Service Officer with the Department of State, specifically as a Public Diplomacy officer. One of the things that I loved about being an exchange student, was acting as a representative for my country while living in a foreign country and sharing my experiences and cultural traditions as an American while also gaining an understanding and appreciation for the German culture. I created long-lasting relationships and friendships that I will always cherish and never forget, and I would love to do that on a greater scale.

I chose Tampa because...

I was really drawn to the University of Tampa for a couple of different reasons. First, I loved that they were open to allowing a BFA Musical Theatre student double major in something that was non-arts related. I knew going into the college application/audition process that I really wanted to study international relations/studies in addition to my musical theatre curriculum, and there were not a lot of schools who were open to allowing me to pursue both degrees. I also was really drawn to the history of the campus! I am a total history nerd, so learning about the history of the campus, be it Plant Hall or the Falk Theatre, is incredibly fascinating and special.

Favorite Tampa class/professor...

How can I choose just one? I have loved learning about so many of the basics of theatre with Dr. Robert (Bob) Gonzalez (Improv, Movement for the Actor, Voice and Diction), music theory and musicianship with Mrs. Tara Swartzbaugh, Vocal Performance Workshop and Studio Voice lessons with Dr. Hein Jung, Chamber Singers with Dr. Ryan Hebert, and so many of the other wonderful professors who work in the music and theatre departments. Last semester I really enjoyed my Writing and Research class with Dr. Ashley Palmer, especially since the focus was on the history of the Tampa Bay Hotel (Plant Hall). This semester, I have also greatly enjoyed studying Political Science Research Methods with Dr. Kathryn VanderMolen and World Religions with Dr. Christopher Martinez.

I'm passionate about...

Dance Baking Singing Acting Opera Chorus International Relations foreign exchange Foreign Languages Foreign Culture Linguistics Family and Friends International Travel German Musical Theatre Theater

I'm involved with...

Chamber Singers Catholic Student Organization Alpha Psi Omega Sigma Alpha Iota International Music Fraternity student culinary council
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